Primary Division

Classes in the Primary Division are open to all children. After a trial lesson children are placed in the appropriate level.

Pre-Ballet Children begin at the age of five and attend pre-ballet 1 time a week for a maximum of two years.

Level I / Level II

The curriculum of Level I as well as Level II is designed to be learned over a period of two years. At the start of Level II students are required to take a minimum of two lessons a week. Beginning with Level II, exams are given at the end of each school year. The exams provide students with a guideline which enables them to measure their personal achievements and helps them in setting new goals.

Level III – Level IV – Level V

Students in Level III and Level IV attend between two and four lessons per week. Promotion from one level to the next is dependent upon the student’s individual progress.

Please contact us for the schedule of classes.

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